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Has Your Existing Roof Reached its Lifespan? Maybe a Roof Replacement is What You Need.

We can tell you if roof replacement is the best option for you if your roof is showing signs of aging, leaking, or weather damage. Through a roof inspection, we’ll be able to determine the best course of action for safeguarding your home.

What Is the Purpose of A Roof Replacement?

Roof Replacement involves tearing off all existing layers of shingle, old dry in material as well as any flashings or vents that need replaced. We believe this is the best option for when your existing roofing system has reached its full potential.

We Can Advise on Why Roof Replacement is a Better Option than a Re-Roof.

Home owners can fall into the trap of trying to save money on their roof and opting for a re-roof instead of a full roof replacement. While it does seem to be cheaper up front, it can cause more issues leading to thousands of dollars being paid out unexpectedly to fix unknown problems caused by the re-roof installation.

Re-Roofing is when another layer of shingle is added to an existing layer up to two layers. We don’t recommend this for several reasons, but just to name a few:

  • When a leak does occur, it can make finding the source of the leak far more difficult
  • The contractor cannot warranty the workmanship of the existing layer of roofing
  • The cost to tear off more layers when it does come time for a roof replacement, will be more expensive
  • Shingles may age faster due to heat getting trapped between more layers. Warping of shingle may occur causing visible imperfections of your roof

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Why Roof Replacement Is Our Recommendation

Roof replacement is usually our recommendation if the damage is not repairable. Roof replacement allows us to tear off all layers and see what the decking looks like. The decking is the wood layer exterior to the frame of your home, and your first line of defense against the elements. If the decking is damaged, it needs to be replaced and have brand new shingle installed to protect it from moisture. If homeowners choose a Re-roof, damaged decking could get missed and cause further damage to your home.

We recommend roof replacement because it gives us a full view of the roofing system, and allows us to problem solve existing issues so you don’t run into them unexpectedly in the future.

At NW Peak Roofing, we want to be an advocate for your home. Call us for a free estimate to get your roof repaired or replaced.

Client Testimonials

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We are neighbors with Gerardo and Taylor. Our roof had some moss growing on the north side of the roof and some loose shingles. Gerardo came over in the evening after a busy day on the job and happily fixed our roofing issues. He is a very fine, hard working young with excellent work ethic and outstanding demeanor. In my opinion one couldn’t do any better than having NW Peak Roofing take care of your roofing needs and you can trust that it will be done correctly.


Very good work done. Good quality at a very good price. The guy who runs this company is an amazing person. I would highly recommend him for doing any asphalt roof replacement or repair.

Mr. M

Wonderful job on my roof. I really love how it turned out can’t beat the price!! The owners were so friendly and kind. Really recommend!!

Laila Aguilar

Outstanding! Geraldo put a new roof on my home. He is very thorough in his work, the best I have seen. He has a pride in the quality of his craft. He also is friendly and punctual. Prices are reasonable. Easily 5 star.

Gunnar H

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